If you have been injured due to the negligence of others, it is important to follow these simple rules.

1. TALK TO NO ONE: Do not talk to anyone about your accident other than your doctor or your attorney. If anyone approaches you about the incident in which you were injured ask for identification. Do not talk to any insurance company representative, not even your own company, or lawyers hired by your company, unless they have gotten permission from us. We will notify you if we have given approval to contact you. If any representative wants a recorded statement from you about the events that caused your injury tell them to call your lawyer first.

2. YOUR DOCTOR: You should follow the treatment schedule your doctor has outlined for your care. Your must keep your appointments. There is nothing more important to the value of your claim than following your doctor’s instructions. Keep him/her informed of all complaints regarding your injuries. If the doctor understands what is hurting then he/she can help you. If you see additional physicians please be sure you give us their name and phone numbers as soon as possible. It is best if we know about your newest doctor even before you go to your appointment.

3. MEDICAL BILLS: Any medical bills that come to your home need to be copied and sent to us immediately. Medical bills include any ambulance that took you to the emergency room, any physician’s bill for treatment at the emergency room, any radiology bill (x-ray charges) from the emergency room visit, and the emergency room bill from the hospital. All medical bills for any treatment you receive need to be sent to your attorney.

4. HOSPITAL VISITS: Before a second visit to the emergency room, please call us. Multiple emergency room visits can be very expensive and normally do not enhance the value of your case. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but please call us first.

5. CHANGE OF SYMPTOMS: If your symptoms change after you meet with us, please call us immediately.

6. PAYMENT OF MEDICAL BILLS: Medical bills are your responsibility. If you have any type of insurance coverage, a group health plan or med-pay on your automobile, then the bills can be submitted for payment. You must notify all medical providers including the ambulance company if you were taken to a hospital about your group health insurance and policy number so they can submit the bills for payment. Call our office if you have a question.

5. LOST EARNINGS-WAGES: If your treating physician advises that you should not go to work be sure and call your place of employment and also let your attorney know. Your doctor should give you a written disability note for the time he/she advises that you should stay home. You can only be compensated for the days missed from work that your treating doctor prescribes. If you take more time from work than your doctor advises then you will not be compensated. Being physically unable to work is a discussion you should always have with your treating physician.

6. PHOTOGRAPHS: Any photographs taken of the scene, the vehicles, if an automobile accident, or, your injuries, must be given to your attorney. Sometime the attorney will want to take his own photographs as well.

7. SAVE YOUR CAST: If your injuries had to be treated with a cast, brace, traction unit or other medical appliance, save it for evidence at trial. We may or may not need to go to trial on your injury claim but these items would be needed so store them in a safe place.

8. HOW TO CONTACT YOU: If your telephone number changes, your home address or even where you work changes, we need to be notified so that we can always contact you about your claim.

9. WITNESS: If there was a witness to the occurrence that caused your injuries please get that information to us as soon as possible. It would be good if you have obtained their name, telephone number and an address where we can contact them.

10. CALL YOUR LAWYER: Whenever you are not sure about something that is going on with your claim it is important that you call your lawyer’s office before doing anything. We are there to help and can give you the best assistance of what to do.

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