4 Ways You Can Help Your Case

Although a premier Atlanta accident injury attorney like Zevin & Rosenbloum will handle the majority of your automobile accident case, as a personal injury plaintiff, there are certain steps you can take to help your attorney get the best recovery possible for your injuries.  Here are a few suggestions:

Don’t Try to Hide “Bad” Information

This is a common mistake that personal injury plaintiffs make.  They don’t tell their attorneys about previous accidents or injuries, thinking they can hide them from their attorneys and the insurance company.  There is nothing worse for your case than having the other side discover an accident or doctor’s visit that you had before your case and springing it on your attorney several months into the case.    A good attorney can work around a previous injury, in fact there is case and statutory law which makes allows you to recover for previous injuries if the accident made you worse.  What an attorney cannot fix is the defense finding out about a previous accident or injury after you’ve already testified that there wasn’t one.

Keep Your Doctors Appointments

In addition to helping you recover from your injuries, consistent attendence at your doctor’s appointments can be used as evidence of the severity of those injuries.  If you don’t go to the doctor regularly, then the defense will seize on that as evidence of a lack of severity of your injuries.  This will make them much more reluctant to pay you for your damages.

Have Realistic Expectations

Just because someone got twenty million dollars for having a cup of McDonald’s coffee spill in their lap, it does not mean that you will get that much for your case.  Every case is different and each result is unique.  While the Atlanta accident attorneys at Zevin & Rosenbloum always strive to get the maximum recovery for all of its clients, there has to be a reasonable expectation of what can be recovered on each case. Fixating on an unrealistic recovery amount hurts your attorney’s ability to resolve your case.

Do Not Talk to the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are not your friends.  Even after you are represented by an attorney, insurance companies will try to get around the attorney and get you to give them a recorded statement so they can use the statements against you.  If you are contacted by an insurance company and you already have an attorney, refer the insurance company to your attorney.

By following the above tips, you can help the Atlanta accident attorneys at Zevin & Rosenbloum get the you a full recovery for your injuries.