• How a Truck Driver’s Poor Health Can Put Yours at Risk

    How a Truck Driver’s Poor Health Can Put Yours at Risk Each time you get behind the wheel, you place considerable trust in the safe driving abilities of other people—whether or not you consciously realize it. Although auto accidents happen every day around Atlanta, it’s often assumed that most drivers are generally responsible. But all […]

  • Georgia’s Campaign to End Drunk Driving

    Georgia’s Campaign to End Drunk Driving More than 1,000 traffic fatalities occur in Georgia every year. During 2015, there were nearly 1,500 deaths on the state’s roadways. About one in every four traffic fatalities is the result of drunk driving. Behind these accidents, claim statistics are bereaved families who will never again get to enjoy […]

  • What to Know About Pre-Existing Medical Conditions After a Crash

    What to Know About Pre-Existing Medical Conditions After a Crash Some people who are hurt in a car accident near Decatur had been in perfect health before the crash, but not everyone is this fortunate. Auto accident survivors who already suffered from health issues like chronic low back pain might find it difficult to get […]

  • How to React to a Hit and Run Accident

    How to React to a Hit and Run Accident Often, the reasons why negligent drivers leave the scene of an accident are because they lack insurance, they have a suspended driver’s licenses, or they have something to hide—like drugs or alcohol. It isn’t always possible to have a hit and run driver tracked down, but […]

  • How to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Car Accident

    In Georgia, personal injury law defines wrongful death as the passing of a person due to another person’s negligent, reckless, criminal, or intentional actions. In auto accident claims filed near Decatur, lawyers will most often seek compensatory damages on the basis of negligence. However, accident claims filed based on intentional torts may be appropriate, depending […]

  • Tips for Avoiding Aggressive Drivers

    Far too many auto accidents occur in the Atlanta and Decatur areas each year and quite often they’re the result of driver errors. Along with drunk driving and distracted driving, aggressive driving is among the most dangerous behaviors to engage in. Unfortunately, everyone driving near an aggressive driver is at risk of a serious car […]

  • Signs That Your Car Needs New Wipers

    Many factors can contribute to auto accidents that occur in the Atlanta area. To reduce your risk of having to file accident claims, make sure your car is in good working condition. One routine maintenance task is to replace the wiper blades, which should generally be done about every six months. If they’re wearing out, […]

  • Proving Long-Term Damages and Lost Wages After an Auto Accident Injury

    Accident claims can help auto accident victims recover compensation for their losses that occurred as a result of the crash. These losses can include repair bills for their vehicles or the cost to replace the vehicle. Accident claims can also help victims of auto accidents in Atlanta recover compensation for their medical expenses and lost […]

  • Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Injury Settlements?

    Once you receive an injury compensation or accident settlement in Decatur or Atlanta , you might be wondering if you’ll need to pay taxes on it. Your personal injury lawyer should be able to advise you as to the rules, regulations, and laws surrounding settlements or judgment awards from accident claims. These regulations vary depending […]

  • How Soon Do You Have to File an Injury Claim?

    If you have sustained a personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or intentional infliction of harm, you only have so long to seek injury compensation in Decatur and Atlanta . In Georgia, you have two years from the date of the accident or personal injury to file a personal injury claim in […]