• How a Truck Driver’s Poor Health Can Put Yours at Risk

    How a Truck Driver’s Poor Health Can Put Yours at Risk

    Each time you get behind the wheel, you place considerable trust in the safe driving abilities of other people—whether or not you consciously realize it. Although auto accidents happen every day around Atlanta, it’s often assumed that most drivers are generally responsible. But all it takes is one truck driver with certain health problems to jeopardize the safety of everyone sharing the road with him or her. You can protect yourself from serious truck accidents by proactively scanning the traffic all around your car. Pay particular attention to big rigs, and give these vehicles plenty of space.

    The Risks of Multiple Medical Conditions

    Researchers from the University of Utah School of Medicine recently published a study that points to a double to quadruple the risk of truck accidents when the truck driver has three or more medical conditions . The researchers combed through the medical records of nearly 50,000 truck drivers and found that 34% of them had at least one medical condition that could compromise the ability to drive safely. After adjusting to account for the truck drivers’ age and commercial driving experience, the researchers also found that drivers with three or riskier medical conditions had a crash frequency of 93 per 100 million miles traveled. This is substantially higher than the average crash frequency of 29 per 100 million miles traveled, which is applicable to all truck drivers.

    The Ways a Trucker’s Poor Health Can Compromise Safety

    So how exactly can a truck driver’s poor health put other drivers at risk? Two of the high-risk medical conditions that the researchers identified are diabetes and heart disease. Diabetes can jeopardize driving ability by causing blurry vision and vision loss. It can also cause a hypoglycemic event, which can cause the following problems:

    • Confusion
    • Fainting
    • Lightheadedness
    • Vomiting

    Heart disease raises the risk of an accident because it can also cause fainting and because these patients are at risk of having a heart attack or stroke behind the wheel of a massive vehicle. Since commercial big rig operators drive for a living and spend long hours behind the wheel, these individuals may be more likely to have a heart attack while driving than the average person with heart disease.

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  • Georgia’s Campaign to End Drunk Driving

    Georgia’s Campaign to End Drunk Driving

    More than 1,000 traffic fatalities occur in Georgia every year. During 2015, there were nearly 1,500 deaths on the state’s roadways. About one in every four traffic fatalities is the result of drunk driving. Behind these accidents, claim statistics are bereaved families who will never again get to enjoy the company of their loved ones during the holiday season. These statistics are appalling, but every driver has the ability to do his or her part to prevent fatal auto accidents in Atlanta and across the state.

    When you watch this video, you’ll hear directly from Gov. Nathan Deal. He discusses Georgia’s Drive Alert, Arrive Alive public awareness campaign to put an end to drunk driving. Remember that any amount of alcohol will impair your alertness, reaction time, and judgment.

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  • What to Know About Pre-Existing Medical Conditions After a Crash

    What to Know About Pre-Existing Medical Conditions After a Crash

    Some people who are hurt in a car accident near Decatur had been in perfect health before the crash, but not everyone is this fortunate. Auto accident survivors who already suffered from health issues like chronic low back pain might find it difficult to get the compensation they deserve. Although pre-existing medical conditions can make a case more complex, a seasoned personal injury lawyer knows how to use the right strategies to obtain favorable results.

    Eggshell Doctrine

    The so-called eggshell doctrine, or eggshell skull, is a legal principle that can influence personal injury litigation if the plaintiff has a pre-existing medical condition that was made worse by the incident. This doctrine gets its name from a fictitious example frequently discussed in law schools. It involves a fictitious person who has a skull as thin and fragile as an eggshell. The defendant hits this person in the head. The same physical trauma wouldn’t severely harm a normal person, but the person with an eggshell skull dies. According to the eggshell doctrine, the defendant is still responsible for the plaintiff’s actual damages, rather than the damages that would have occurred if the plaintiff had a normal skull.

    Legal Assistance

    Although this legal principle suggests that plaintiffs shouldn’t have a problem recovering compensation, reality is often quite different. Insurance companies drag their heels paying accident claims, and may reject them outright when the individual has a pre-existing health problem. Protect yourself by contacting an injury attorney as soon as possible, and disclose your pre-existing health issues promptly.

    Injury Compensation

    To secure the compensation you’re entitled to, your personal injury lawyer will need some help from you. First, never sign anything for the insurance carrier without discussing it with your lawyer first. Avoid answering detailed questions about the case—refer the insurance representative to your lawyer. Keep a written record of all of the ways your health and lifestyle have changed since the accident, and follow the instructions of your treating physician.

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  • How to React to a Hit and Run Accident

    How to React to a Hit and Run Accident

    Often, the reasons why negligent drivers leave the scene of an accident are because they lack insurance, they have a suspended driver’s licenses, or they have something to hide—like drugs or alcohol. It isn’t always possible to have a hit and run driver tracked down, but you can improve the chances of a successful accident claim by reacting appropriately to the crash. Personal injury lawyers in Decatur recommend pulling over as soon as it’s safe to do so.

    Take a deep breath and think about all of the details you remember about the other car and its driver. In addition to the license plate number—or even a partial plate number—the following details are helpful: make, model, color, and direction of travel. Write down all the information you can remember, and then call 911. Of course, if you or a passenger is badly injured, you should call 911 immediately. Auto crash lawyers recommend that uninjured hit and run victims look around the area for possible witnesses to the crash. Witness statements can make a substantial difference in securing compensation.

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