Property Damage

Although routinely the Atlanta car accident lawyers at Zevin & Rosenbloum only represent clients for their injuries in car accidents, we will assist in any way possible with our clients’ property damage claims. Ordinarily, the property damage portion of an automobile accident claim is handled quickly and efficiently by the at-fault insurance company. In rare circumstances, problems arise. If problems arise, our Atlanta automobile accident attorneys will work tirelessly with the at-fault insurance company to fix the problems in an expeditious manner.

Totalled vehicles-The insurance company responsible to pay property damage claims will decide whether or not to fix a vehicle once it has been damaged. Normally, if the vehicle can be repaired for 80% or less of its fair market value, the vehicle will be repaired. If the vehicle cannot be repaired for 80% of its fair market value, the vehicle will be deemed a total loss. In the event that your vehicle is deemed a total loss, the insurance company will pay you the fair market value on the date of loss. Often, our clients are pleasantly surprised at the value placed on their vehicle. However, if you are not pleased, you may speak to one of our attorneys, who will use sophisticated software to determine whether the value determined by the insurance company is reasonable.

Many times, our clients ask if they can keep their totaled vehicle. Most of the time, the insurance company will allow our clients to keep their totaled vehicle, but will subtract the salvage value (normally 10% of the fair market value) from the amount offered. In that situation, our client must give their title to the insurance company in return for a check, and must then go through the process of obtaining a salvage title from the State of Georgia. In order to receive a salvage title, the vehicle must be inspected to determine if it is safe to drive on the roads of our state.

Rental cars-If your vehicle is repairable, the insurance company must provide a rental car for the reasonable length of the repair. If the vehicle is deemed a total loss, the insurance company is under no legal obligation to provide a rental car. However, in most circumstances, a rental car will be provided until a fair market value is determined.

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